The Difference

The only consulting firm with a decade of success in delivering a unique approach to neuroscience-enhanced storytelling & personality profiling for sales, marketing, leadership & HR.

NeuronLeaders Consulting Group has delivered impressive results through a unique approach to Neuroscience-Enhanced Storytelling & Profiling to empower leadership, HR, advanced social selling, content & sales enablement assets, and lead nurturing processes that integrate with, LinkedIn, Twitter, marketing automation systems, popular sales methodologies, and Buyer's Journeys.

NeuronLeaders Consulting Group leverages the concepts and principles outlined in the book THE 7 SECRETS OF NEURON LEADERSHIP: WHAT MILITARY COMMANDERS, NEUROSCIENTISTS, AND THE ANCIENT GREEKS TEACH US ABOUT INSPIRING TEAMS written New York Times bestselling author W. Craig Reed.

The Experience

A decade of research and field-proven results across dozens of clients like Apple, Adobe, Avnet, Arrow, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cisco, Cylance, HP, IBM, Logicalis, LogMeIn, SAP, Symantec, VMware, etc.                 

NeuronLeaders Consulting Group is a part of the CUSTOMatrix network and acquired the patent-pending intellectual property and expert team from Aventi Group that delivered some of the impressive results noted on the Services page. NeuronLeaders often partners with Aventi Group for various projects. Our team includes a former CSOs, CMOs, Ph.D. neuroscientists, Masters in Educational Science experts, #1 New York Times bestselling authors, certified leadership coaches, project management experts, and executive sales & marketing consultants with dozens of years of expertise.

NeuronLeaders is a veteran-owned business that supports and partners with the Us4Warriors Foundation--honored as San Diego County's 2016 Veterans Non-profit of the Year.

The Vision

The Expertise

The Need

Over 70% of employees are disengaged and unmotivated. Lead conversion rates are lower, sales cycles longer, & closing ratios are down.

The Answer

Getting results requires a cutting-edge new approach to Neuroscience-Enhanced Storytelling from field-proven experts.     

The Story