Every few months, every State in the U.S. updates their mandates and civil codes as related to cyber security. IS professionals who don't stay informed about these changes risks serious fines and lawsuits. Here's a link to a compilation of the latest mandate updates.


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Bill Bonney, Matt Stamper, and Gary Hayslip met in the summer of 2014 as members of the very inclusive and collaborative cybersecurity community of San Diego, California. Besides being the eighth largest city in the U.S. and a very welcoming community, San Diego is home to several pockets of technological innovation. These include very successful biotechnology, life sciences, and mobile technology industries; a plethora of defense contractors and aerospace research companies; a blossoming startup community in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cybersecurity; and a thriving academic environment. San Diego is also home to the fewest number of “Fortune 500” company headquarters, per capita, in the U. S. Each of the authors has enjoyed over 30 years of success in the Information Technology field, but they have very different backgrounds. It became obvious as they got to know each other by participating on panels and speaking at industry events that these different backgrounds brought diverse and complementary perspectives to the problems the cyber security community currently faces. What started as a panel discussion on the role of the modern CISO sparked such a lively audience discussion that the authors began to consider turning into a book for new CISOs and CISOs at mid-size firms in particular.


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Are you a current or aspiring team leader? The 7 Principles of Neuron Team Leadership by New York Times bestselling author W. (Bill) Craig Reed explores what top military leaders, modern neuroscientists, and the ancient Greeks can teach us about leading teams. Reed also offers us a “shotgun seat” next to dozens of top-performing leaders who reveal their secrets and tell us what does and doesn’t work in the real world.

Some of these leaders include the former head of NASA, two Secretaries of the Navy, a Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard, a retired female 3-Star Air Force General, a 3-Star Army General, the former San Diego Girl Scouts CEO, the CEO of Huntington Ingalls ($7B shipbuilding firm), the CIO of Gold’s Gym, the VP Marketing of Alaska Airlines, an Oracle Sales VP, an HP marketing VP, the Co-President of the Conscious Capitalism movement (Firms of Endearment book), several retired admirals turned CEOs, Navy SEAL officers, dozens of other company CEOs and executives, neuroscience and psychology experts, and many renowned world leaders.


Join us at the famous Stone Brewery and Restaurant in Escondido, CA on March 9, 2017 for an evening of fun, food, beer, and security leadership discussions with your peers. Tickets are limited so RSVP today!


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