• Delivers detailed Prospect Personality Profile that can help you attain...
  • 375% Connect Rate Increases, 212% Higher Lead Conversions, 20% Faster Sales Cycles, 33% More Closed Deals
  • Overlays & Enhances The Challenger Sale, Sandler& other frameworks
  • Transcends Myers-Briggs & other personality profiling systems
  • Leverages neuroscience to determine an accurate business personality profile
  • Fast & accurate Challenge Framework selection takes less than five minutes

Personality Profiling System for Sales, Marketing, Leadership & HR Professionals



or click on the START PROFILE button above to create a Challenge Framework Personality Profile for your prospect or employee. This personality profiler aligns with other popular profilers, such as the Enneagram or Myers-Briggs, but transcends these systems by using modern neuroscience and a decade of proven field research. The Challenge Framework system provides greater accuracy, more in-depth profile information, and a unique way to determine the business profile of your sales or HR prospects or employees and colleagues. 

After you make a few quick Framework selections about your prospect, you’ll receive an email with a detailed CHALLENGE FRAMEWORK PERSONALITY PROFILE that will include your prospect’s primary Fears, Motivators, Mannerisms, Behaviors, recommended 
keywords to use, DOs and DON’Ts, and much more that will help you communicate, motivate, and close your prospect.

If you find the NEURON PROSPECT PERSONALITY PROFILER valuable, please refer your colleagues to this site and consider a sales & marketing team workshop to learn how to use advanced storytelling and neuroscience techniques to dramatically increase lead conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and close more deals. Also, CLICK HERE to buy the book that explains the science behind this profiler. Thank you!