The Challenge Framework is a Patent Pending system created by Reed Consulting Group, Inc.

Solves the #1 Sales & Marketing Challenges



The Challenge Framework solves the #1 sales & marketing challenges prevalent across almost any industry. To discover what they are, watch the above presentation. This ground-breaking new Demand Development and Sales Enablement system leverages a decade of research and cutting-edge neuroscience that's field-proven across tens of thousands of individuals and channel partners. Marketers can embed a customized Challenge Framework link into websites or emails and use it with syndicated content services (TechTarget, IDG, eMedia, etc.) or on tablets at events. It complements almost any sales enablement system including Brainshark, Highspot, Showpad, Marcom Central, etc. Open & CTRs triple and lead conversion rates go up by 294%.

Sales pros can email the link to prospects or send it in LinkedIn Messages or InMail. Prospects rave about the Framework as it's engaging and informative and they receive a detailed business profile that's unique and accurate. Sales pros receive advanced LinkedIn Social Selling & Neuroscience-based Storytelling training, as well as just-in-time sales enablement tools that help them attain 351% higher LinkedIn Connect rates, 22% lead conversion rates (vs. 7%) and 24% shorter sales cycles.

Prospect information and survey responses can be auto-inserted into almost any CRM (Salesforce, etc.) or Marketing Automation System (Marketo, etc.) and used to nurture leads. Click on the START PROFILE button to try it out!

If you find the Challenge Framework interesting, CLICK HERE for more information. Also, consider a sales & marketing team workshop to learn how to use advanced storytelling and neuroscience techniques to dramatically increase lead conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and close more deals. Also, CLICK HERE to buy the book that explains the science behind this system.