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 “The 7 Secrets of Neuron Leadership is a powerful  examination of how the mind can work to ignite leaders to  lead themselves, their families, their teams, and their  organizations. W. Craig Reed masterfully blends the  research, powerful examples and stories, and interviews into  a leadership masterpiece that is sorely needed.” 

– John  Mattone, Bestselling Author, #1 Authority on  Intelligent  Leadership, World’s #2 Ranked Executive Coach.

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Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Military, Writing & Technology


Entertaining, Energetic & Informative Speaker for your next event.

  • Proven Results across 20 years, dozens of engagements, and thousands of attendees around the world
  • Neuroscience & Story-Telling techniques are subtly incorporated to grab and hold attention
  • Dozens of Unique Topics and perspectives that inform, entertain and engage
  • New York Times Bestselling Author of 8 books including The 7 Secrets of Neuron Leadership
  • #1 Authority on Neuroscience-Based Leadership, Sales, and Marketing
  • Executive Leadership Coach certified by John Mattone, World's #2 Ranked Executive Coach
  • Decorated U.S. Navy Diver, completed joint missions with SEAL Team One
  • Executive Consultant & Coach for dozens of well-known global firms
  • Co-founder of San Diego County's Veteran's Non-Profit of the Year  


  • Neuron Leadership: What Military Commanders, Neuroscientists & the Ancient Greeks teach us about leading and inspiring teams.
  • Neuron Teams: Using neuroscience and military team-building tactics to hire, train, motivate, and inspire the best teams.
  • Neuron Selling: Using neuroscience, social-selling, and story-telling to achieve 375% LinkedIn connect rates and double sales pipelines. 
  • Neuron Marketing: Transcending neuromarketing to double open & click-thru rates, gain 212% higher lead conversions, and 20% faster sales cycles.
  • Neuron Writing: How to use neuroscience to create characters, design powerful  3-Act Play plots, and target the right audience.
  • Neuron Technology: How is modern neuroscience impacting technology, cybersecurity, national security, and our families.
  • Neuron Health: Determining your neuroscience-based personality profile to optimize your diet, lose weight, feel great, and improve your relationships.
  • The New Cold War: How the most tragic naval cover-up in history started a new and more dangerous Cold War that's heating up fast.