• Designed multi-touch NeuronStories campaigns that improved the brand profile and generated a pipeline of marketing qualified leads
  • Developed and delivered a NeuronStories video survey that automated the process of converting inquiries into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Accepted Leads (SALs).
  • Used NeuronStories to accelerate LinkedIn Social Selling without needing costly InMail, resulting in 85 Accepts & 7 qualified Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) for every 100 connects.
  • Delivered hands-on coaching for the sales & marketing teams to help integrate NeuronStories, including automated Salesforce neuron lead scoring & nurturing and a Dynamic Interactive Sales Playbook (DISplay).

[Their] team helped us build and implement a world-class lead nurturing program. Beyond that, their expertise and experience helped ensure that the program resonated with our specific target prospects to achieve the best results possible.”

— Dave Martin, Product Marketing Director, NSFOCUS

  • Consulted with executives in charge of multi-billion dollar divisions for Enterprise Security, Servers, Storage, Networking, and Big Data.
  • Created, launched and directed dozens of successful NeuronStories campaigns.
  • Created unique Interactive Video Surveys and Dynamic Interactive Sales Playbooks (DISplay).
  • Delivered 1000+ qualified Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) for direct & channel sales teams & dozens of channel partners with a $2B+ pipeline value.
  • Shortened typical SMB & enterprise sales cycles from 6+ months to under 5 months.
  • Increased closing ratios by more than 40%.
  • Created famous HP Genius Channel program and sales enablement & training content for 50,000 channel partners worldwide.

"[Their] team was outstanding. They engaged with, trained and helped motivate dozens of our leading channel partners, executed several large social selling and lead nurturing programs to perfection, and leveraged cutting-edge neuroscience to dramatically improve lead conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase our closing percentages."
--Walter Leverett, Director of Sales, HP 

212% Higher Lead Conversion Rates

  • Consulted with executive leadership to provide knowledge and proficiency in using neuroscience-based leadership.
  • Trained worldwide teams on implementing Neuron Leadership for campaigns, promotions, marketing assets, channel management, and social selling impact.
  • Created and delivered a Dynamic Interactive Sales Playbook (DISplay).
  • Integrated DISplay and Neuron Leadership & Social Selling into Salesforce.com &  marketing automation systems.
  • Assisted in creating a Social Selling product launch & promotion campaigns across four regions and 500 partners.
  • Designed and delivered neuroscience-based sales enablement assets.
  • Provided interim marketing leadership.

"...we discovered just how vital this role is to our success. [They] helped us increase results, stay within budgets, and support our campaign launches by evaluating, creating, managing, and optimizing our partner marketing assets. [They]  were a valuable member of our team and I highly recommend them for a similar role in other technology firms."  

-Paul Clark, Director of Partner Marketing, SAP

  • Designed neuroscience and sales-aligned social selling training templates for worldwide sales teams.
  • Used advanced adult learning techniques, professional video, graphics, & animations to create Neuron Social Selling training & enablement programs & assets for 4,000 global salespersons.
  • Translated & recorded Neuron Social Selling training videos and materials for 3 geographic regions across a dozen languages and input to a Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Created and narrated over 16 million words of copy across a dozen languages & 40,000 graphic elements & animations with “five 9s” of accuracy.
  • Received the highest marks ever from the sales team for a new Social Selling training program.

"[Their] team has been a critical partner in my team's success in driving Symantec sales transformation. We set very aggressive targets and timelines to improve the global salesforce’s effectiveness and productivity. [Their] team provided us with insights, guidance, and high-quality solutions that enabled us to realize significant gains in our sales team's ability to execute. I highly recommend [their] team for any sales or marketing executive looking to drive sales enablement."
–Matthew Weaver, Sr. Director of Global Enablement, Symantec

  • Provided interim role as CMO  from pre-launch through Series B funding.
  • Assisted the CEO in fundraising strategies, presentations, and positioning to secure $20 million in series B funding.
  • Leveraged Neuron Leadership & Recruiting to build a world-class  team.
  • Leveraged advanced adult learning techniques, professional video, graphics, and animations to create & social selling & marketing training presentations.
  • Created go-to-market plan, channel strategies and programs, NeuronStories campaigns, website assets, solution collateral, sales enablement & Dynamic Interactive Sales Playbooks.
  • Leveraged NeuronStories to lower recruiting costs & improve results.

"[Their team] became an integral part of our team to help build a world-class team, establish messaging and go-to-market plans, secure several initial customers and partners, and create innovative collateral, sales enablement tools, and neuroscience-based social selling programs."

— Steve Topper, CEO, Astute Networks

  • 148 RSVPs (99%)

  • 75 Dir, VP, CIO, CISO

  • LinkedIn Social Selling

  • 100% 1st Level Connects

  • After-event Meetings

  • <$350 per SAL

200 Social MQLs

500 Social Partners

80% Cost Reduction for LinkedIn InMails

  • Created, launched and directed 5 successful NeuronMarketing campaigns underscored by Neuroscience-Enhanced Storytelling.
  • Produced unique Interactive Video Survey. assets for HP, IBM, and VMware campaigns.
  • Designed Dynamic Interactive Sales Playbook (DISplay) system for channel sales teams.
  • Used NeuronStories for LinkedIn Neuron that eliminated costly InMail to quickly deliver  500+ Sales Qualified Leads  (SQLs).
  • Trained dozens of sales professionals on Neuroscience-Enhanced Storytelling.
  • Implemented NeuronMarketing to dramatically improve prospect resonance and traction.
  • Shortened typical sales cycles from 6+ months to under 4 months.
  • Increased closing ratios by more than 50%.
  • Improved Inquiry to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) percentages by more than 2X.

"...has been a great partner in helping us identify and qualify opportunities to get our sales team in front of prospective customers that meet our requirements. Their approach is unique from your run-of-the-mill consulting firm. Their use of neuroscience messaging, engagement surveys and social selling and profiling has made a huge impact. There wasn’t a learning curve when we originally began working with them a number of years ago because [the] team knows and understands the technology and all of the key partners we work with."
--Lisa Dreher, VP Marketing, Logicalis 


20% Faster Sales Cycles

375% LinkedIn Connect Rate Increase

6,000 Channel Partners

4,000 Social Sellers

  • Leveraged NeuronStories to conduct market research and advise Cisco CCaaS executives on go-to-market planning and customer drivers.
  • Completed quantitative Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) social surveys with 200 mid-market firms.
  • Completed Neuron Qualitative Research & Analysis across ten mid-market US firms.
  • Provided Neuron Insights into key business decision-making to better understand the needs of IT / IS and end-users of cloud consumption.
  • Characterized the mandates & pain points that drive the purchase of a Cisco solution offering.
  • Captured the principal use cases that yield maximum business value.
  • Tested value propositions with IT / IS end-users.
  • Provided insights into optimal target prospect personas and qualification characteristics.
  • Developed sales enablement tools and training programs for direct and channel sales teams
  • Trained direct and channel sales teams on advanced Neuron Social Selling
  • Created product marketing deliverables, battle cards, case studies, emails, presentations, etc.
  • Helped recruit and train channel partners for archiving & backup solutions
  • Completed competitive analyses, go-to-market plans, promotions, and demand generation campaigns

"Neuron Selling is an effective way for sales reps to improve their ability to captivate prospects and customers and close deals. This short session takes our natural conversational thought process and turns it into a 'sales tool' that can be easily retained and used by sales reps."  --Luis Curet, VP Sales, Intermedia

500 Social SQLs

$20M in Funding

50,000 Channel Partners


NOTE: some of the quotes on this page pertain to projects completed via Aventi Group, LLC. NeuronLeaders Consulting Group acquired the patent-pending intellectual property and expert team from Aventi Group that delivered some of the impressive results noted on this page, and often partners with Aventi Group or CUSTOMatrix for various projects.

150 Social SQLs