Consulting services offered by NeuronLeaders are based on a decade of research and field-proven results across more than 15,000 executives and sales and marketing professionals, as well as over 50,000 channel partners. Much of this research will be featured in a series of books written by New York Times bestselling author W. Craig Reed, beginning with THE 7 SECRETS OF NEURON LEADERSHIP (Wiley & Sons Publishing, October 2017).


What's your neuroscience-based personality profile? How does it match against others you engage with? How can you adjust your approach and messaging to improve sales, marketing, and leadership results?

“Even more inspiring than The Go-Giver!” –Malcolm Boyes, former producer of Entertainment Tonight



Partial proceeds from this book will benefit the Us4Warriors Foundation, honored as San Diego County’s most effective Veteran’s Non-profit for 2016.

The 7 Secrets of Neuron Leadership is a powerful examination of how the mind can work to ignite leaders to lead themselves, their families, their teams, and their organizations. W. Craig Reed masterfully blends the research, powerful examples and stories, and interviews into a leadership masterpiece that is sorely needed.” – John Mattone, Bestselling Author, #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership, World’s #2 Ranked Executive Coach

The 7 Secrets of Neuron Leadership uniquely unearths interesting and inspirational enlightenment offered by modern neuroscientists, ancient sages, and top military commanders who are now C-level executives to illustrate what separates great and revered leaders from the rest of the pack.”  – Gordon R. England, former Deputy Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, and Secretary of the Navy

The 7 Secrets of Neuron Leadership threads together a decidedly unique outlook on leadership that transcends the simplistic, shopworn, circular debate as to whether leadership traits are genetic or developed.  In this work, a wholly different, more informed outlook emerges.”  – Sean O’Keefe, former NASA Administrator (CEO) and Secretary of the Navy   

Great leaders have inspired us since the dawn of time. Thousands have led us toward victory or away from defeat. Countless others have tried to bottle leadership pearls of wisdom and deliver them to a thirsty world. Yet even now, blessed with oceans of knowledge on the topic, most organizations still have serious leadership issues. In fact, only one in five workers give their leaders high marks. Hundreds of authors and experts have claimed to possess the magical formula, Narnia map, or golden key that unlocks the secret to solving this dilemma. Virtually all of them offer mountains of research, knowledge, and recommendations. Nearly all have showered us with insights, processes, and methodologies. And almost all require us and our teams to form completely new habits and ways of thinking.

With a sincere desire to make a difference, many any of us read a great leadership book written by an excellent author and then go to bed. We wake up the next day inspired and motived. We start doing what we’ve been told and make some progress. Then it feels like we’re taking one step forward and two steps back. Why?

Bestselling author and executive consultant, W. Craig Reed, offers an inspiring and informative perspective on this topic unexplored by any other books. Leveraging more than twenty-five years as a business executive and consultant for some of the world’s most successful firms, Reed offers an informative, touching, and often humorous journey in his exciting new book.

THE 7 SECRETS OF  NEURON LEADERSHIP: What Military Commanders, Neuroscientists, and the Ancient Greeks Teach us About Inspiring Teams offers startling new ways to train our brain by allowing us to better understand how our minds work considering recent neuroscientific discoveries. It also provides insights from dozens of top military commanders who have led small teams in some of the most demanding and dangerous environments imaginable. Many are now CEOs or senior executives with large firms. Finally, it reveals ancient wisdom passed down from the Greeks that can help us understand how to lead teams with passion, compassion, and love.

The Foreword is written by Gordon R. England, former Deputy Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy.

Leaders interviewed for the book include the former head of NASA, two Secretaries of the Navy, a Deputy Secretary of Defense, Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard, retired female 3-Star Air Force General, 3-Star Army General, the former San Diego Girl Scouts CEO, CEO of Huntington Ingalls ($7B shipbuilding firm), CIO of Gold’s Gym,CIO of Jack-in-the-Box, VP Marketing of Alaska Airlines, an Oracle Sales VP, an HP marketing VP, the Co-President of the Conscious Capitalism movement (serves with CEO of Trader Joe's), renowned neuroscientist Dr. Paul Zak, several retired Admirals turned CEOs, Navy SEAL officers, dozens of other company CEOs and executives, neuroscience and psychology experts, and renowned world leaders.

If you loved The Go-Giver book, you’ll be touched as never before by inspirational stories imparted by dozens of top military leaders who reveal battle-proven team leadership tactics that anyone can use. If you raved about The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, you’ll learn how to motivate teams to perform at their best by using seven astonishing secrets about the human Limbic System and R-Complex. And if you’re a fan of The New One Minute Manager, you’ll discover that it takes less than one minute to foster trust and raise someone’s oxytocin level and inspire them to love your brand or follow you to the ends of the earth. You’ll also discover:

  • How certain foods and supplements can affect three primary neurotransmitters that influence your ability to lead, and the ability of others to follow your lead.
  • How to use Mirror Neurons to impart the right leadership examples for others to emulate.
  • How to use the Neuron Decision Matrix to make balanced and informed decisions.
  • How to tap into someone’s three primary fears and motivators to ensure the best negotiation outcomes.
  • How to adjust your leadership style to someone’s Neuron Profile to better communicate and motivate.
  • How to use the Neuron 3-Act Play to tell stories that inspire, inform, and intrigue.
  • How to use Neuron Concepts & Contrasts to impart a Commander’s Intent.


“A leader’s most important principle is integrity. You must demonstrate that you intend to live by the same rules you impose on others. If your integrity is compromised even once, it can never be regained.” –Sean O’Keefe, former NASA Administrator (CEO) and former Secretary of the Navy

“President Eisenhower once said that ‘the supreme quality of a leader is unquestionable integrity.’ Being highly ethical in everything you do is critical because your team will reflect the examples you set.” –Gordon England, former Deputy Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy

“Regardless of rank or position, trust is earned; it is not given. It must be demonstrated every day, and it only takes an instant to lose it.”–Bob Wood, Lieutenant General (3-star), U.S. Army (Ret), Westpoint graduate

“The Girl Scouts’ touchstone values are courage, confidence, and character, and all leaders should aspire to and practice these principles daily.” –Jo Dee Jacob, former CEO, Girl Scouts San Diego, CAPT, USN (Ret)

“As leaders, we need to create an inclusive culture and environment where everyone can do their best work and where the least empowered person confidently contributes.”  –Mike Petters, CEO, Huntington Ingalls Industries ($7B shipbuilding firm), U.S. Naval Academy graduate, submarine officer

“As an aspiring leader, you need to act with passion and purpose and behave as if it’s your own money and reputation that’s at risk.” –Sangita Woerner, Vice President, Marketing, Alaska Airlines

“Leadership has never been more important than it is right now. Motivating and directing people today demands the highest level of skill and dedication.” –VADM Charles Michel, Vice Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard

“Your team will sense your passion and commitment, so it must be genuine. If you are not genuine, you will lose your team’s trust.” –Peter Daly, CEO, U.S. Naval Institute, VADM, USN (Ret)

“SEAL Teams excel in extremely complex and high-risk environments because we ensure common understanding in a defined Commander’s Intent, and then empower aligned decision-making at the lowest level possible. Corporate leaders can also drive agility and performance in their companies by better aligning their people and teams to their mission.”  –Jason Booher, CEO, Northwest Harbor Solutions, US Navy SEAL LT (Ret)

“Any customer or other stakeholder relationship built on anything other than trust and respect is unstable – It’s a relationship of-the-moment that will not support long-term value creation.” –Malcolm Avner, Business & Leadership Coach, Founder and Chairman of Conscious Capitalism San Diego

Stay tuned for more books in the Neuron Series including:

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  • The 7 Secrets of Neuron Teams
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